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Ask yourself how much you really know about the stock market as it is right now. Do you have the eye to scope out a potentially lucrative enterprise from thousands of possible choices? Do you have the dedication to consistently and thoroughly research a prospect until you know every detail about their practices, their performance, and their plans for future expansion? Do you have the firsthand experience to understand exactly how and why a particular investment will turn a profit or a loss? David Arthur Cohen has all of these things, and through his groundbreaking penny stock newsletter, he shares these rare talents with over 27,000 subscribers worldwide. David and his team have used this newsletter to help investors on the path to finding the hot penny stocks that could one day sell for several times their original value.

The stock market industry is rife with self-proclaimed gurus who have little business experience and a non-existent track record. David Cohen is not one of these analysts. David Arthur Cohen has been publishing Research Driven Investors for more than seventeen years, and he’s been in business even longer, accumulating enough experience to have mastered the stock market twice. Even before publishing his newsletter, he spent years working his way up the corporate ladder in one of the most prolific PR firms in the nation, cultivating the kind of in-depth, instinctive business savvy that most analysts only dream of. There’s an old adage about how it takes ten years of dedicated work to become a master in any given field; if it’s true, then David Cohen has spent enough time perfecting his wide array of skills to have mastered stock market forecasting twice over.

The facts speak for themselves. His methods have brought unparalleled levels of success, with over 90% of the companies he’s recommended proving to be successful, with share prices rising dramatically in the following months. Dozens of those companies are still experiencing significant and sustained growth. On top of that, Cohen’s abilities aren’t just confined to a single industry sector. He’s had notable results with predicted stock in a variety of fields including medical research, videogame development, communications, electronics, software development, food technology, marketing solutions, gold exploration, and a whole host of other areas. He is able to achieve such a high rate of accuracy in regards to such diverse business endeavors due to his intimate understanding of market analysis and his ability to utilize the most critical aspects of both fundamental and technical analysis. By examining a company’s inner workings in detail while simultaneously keeping a finger on the pulse of the surrounding market, Cohen is able to make shockingly accurate forecasts time and time again.

With such a knack for picking out surprises, it’s almost unbelievable how willing he is to share his powerful insights with so many people. But with Research Driven Investors, he gives thousands of people the benefit of his considerable knowledge in a clear, concise, and above all, affordable way.

David Cohen has everything a good forecaster needs: experience, intelligence, intuition and passion. Best of all, he’s spreading the wealth around, helping countless people make the right choices in the penny stock market.

By: David Cohen

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