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Picking Penny Stocks and Large Caps

picking penny stocks Picking Penny Stocks and Large CapsPicking penny stocks that work is not the easiest thing to do. This is why we often put together a list of stocks for you to glance at with some different ideas on it. The list will vary from time to time. On one day, the list could have 7 blue chips on it, and on the next day our list could consist of just three pink sheet stocks. Either way check it out, I hope these ideas help.

Cameco Corp. (CCJ:NYSE) I have mentioned this uranium miner before. The stock sold off yesterday after the news of earthquake in Japan broke. Shares of CCJ are still sensitive to quakes, aftershocks and politics. Shares look a little oversold, but this one is hard to step into in anything other than a trade.

Molycorp (MCP:NYSE) Shares of MCP ripped on news of a bill being introduced to Congress that regards building a rare earth reserve in the US. This bill won’t happen overnight, but the US stockpiling rare earths is definitely something to think about. JP Morgan mad a great call recently, with there upgrade to $74. penny stocks under 50 cents Tough to step into this after such a violent move to the upside, but shorting it would be crazy. Also, regarding other stocks in the RE group, I think you will see a flood of PR’s from websites who are picking penny stocks. So in addition to watching MCP, keep your eye of a the obscure RE names as well.

Intralinks (IL:NYSE) Shares ripped almost $3 from the secondary offering price of $25.25. It’s very rare to see this type of offering do so well in a down market like yesterday. The short term chart has a ton of gaps on it and this stock looks like a nice one to trade.

Cisco Systems (CSCO:NASDAQ) We highlighted Cisco and Chambers shareholder activist issue, the day before the nice pop. Remember though, this list isn’t for picking penny stocks or large caps. The list is to share some different ideas that you may not be aware of. You should also be aware of CSCO. Some are still calling it dead money, others think it’s way to cheap. A break of $20 is still a little ways away, and that level may cause some short term resistance.

We know that picking penny stocks, mid caps and large caps is not easy. So add these 4 names to you list of stocks. Hopefully they will help. Also , please check back for more penny stock alerts, market reports and IPO news.

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